September: The Architecturally Macabre Book Club

September: The Architecturally Macabre Book Club


Hosted by AFSB Vice President, Selinda Tuttle.

“Personally, I prefer to read books—fiction or non-fiction—that feature the city as a character,” says the book club’s curator, AFSB Vice President Selinda Tuttle. “The only thing cooler than reading a book that reckons with a city is being able to talk about that book with people who find it just as worthy of conversation.”

September’s Book:
Twelve Nights at Rotter House by JW Ocker
6-8:00 PM Wednesday, September 28, 2022
229 East Victoria Street, Santa Barbara 93101

Gather with us for this FREE in person book club event at the historic Acheson House: the perfect venue to share the architecture of life, death, friendship, and suspense in Twelve Nights at Rotter House.

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