Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara

High School Design Competition

High School Design Competition

What It's All About

Every spring, there is an all-day design competition fashioned after the Architects Learning Exam held for Santa Barbara County High School Students. This program, started in 1991, introduces high school students to the world of architecture and the design process, through the frame of a fun learning experience.

If you would like to request an informational presentation to learn more about this competition, please contact AFSB.

Winners of HSDC 2020
2020 winners of Santa Barbara County High School Architectural Design Competition, left to right: Emilia Thomas, first place, Ellie Gleason, second place, Luming Cao, third place, and honorable mentions, Larson Ladinig and Olivia Doman.

"This experience helped me, and I’m sure countless other participants, discover a love for architecture... Overall, it was a great experience."

Annebel van der Meulen
First Place Winner

"I love this competition and I really hope it gets better each year!"

Student Participant