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High School Design Competition

High School Design Competition

What It's All About

Every spring, there is an all-day design competition fashioned after the Architects Learning Exam held for Santa Barbara County High School Students. This program, started in 1991, introduces high school students to the world of architecture and the design process, through the frame of a fun learning experience.

We are proud to announce the 2023 High School Design Competition dates. 

Tuesday February 28, 2023 – Charrette competition locations

North County – Allan Hancock College

South County – Direct Relief 

Saturday March 4, 2023 – Finalist competition in Santa Ynez.


Registration closes February 21, 2023.

Learn more about this exciting competition in the resource materials below.

If you would like to request an informational presentation to learn more about this competition, please contact AFSB.

Resource Materials:

High School Design Competition 2022

Top 5 Place Winners

*names match from left to right*

Ellie Gleason, a junior at Dos Pueblos High, won first place.

Clancy Reagan, a junior at San Marcos High, won second place.

Olivia Doman, a senior from Olive Grove Charter School, won third place.

Jack Van Thyne, a senior at San Marcos High, was awarded Honorable Mention.

Ava Warmath, a junior at Dos Pueblos High, was awarded Honorable Mention.

Design From Home 2021: Finalists & Designs

Video Tutorials

What Is Design?

The Introductions

From Program Challenges to Design Solutions

The Plot Plan

The Floor Plan


Additional Drawings

Photo Gallery