Christopher Broughton: Les Rues de Paris

Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara Gallery

February 19 – March 11, 2018

The Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara is pleased to present a pop-up show from a Brooks Institute alumnus. Chris Broughton went on to become an educator bringing with him pieces of the Brooks’ legacy to be passed on in his own classrooms. Christopher’s photographic series, “Les Rues de Paris”, features images taken while a faculty member in the Brooks’ Paris summer study-abroad program. Read below his artist statement:

A constant watchman looking past what is seen but anticipating what is about to be revealed.  The work cogitates the mise en scène of the street juxtaposed with the unscripted narratives of humanity.  Charles Nègre was the first to bring the camera to the streets, specifically Paris France in 1851.  Following within the pure roots of tradition and unnoticed observations, Les rues de Paris focuses on the multitudes of independent humanistic narratives interacting within layers of time. The camera’s invasive and subjective nature begins within the frame and its ability to include or exclude. Its subjectivity ends there.  Human interactions individually spontaneous and overlaid with time, allow true visual metaphors to be observed ever so briefly.

The images on display were selected from an exhibit containing 88 images.  The complete collection can be viewed at: