March 31-May 5, 2017


For over 25 years Sylvia Abualy has combined her passion for photography and travel into a prolific career as a travel photographer. She has photographed on five continents with a focus on people and their cultures. India became a favorite destination and the architecture there—the science, design, composition, color and building materials used through the centuries—emerged as her dominant interest. As she edited and researched the subjects of her numerous photographs, the styles, architects, and especially the people stood out as foci. Her vibrant photographs encourage viewers to savor gorgeous images of Indian architecture, to contemplate the complex history and culture of these places, and to appreciate the people who live there.

Abualy started her photographic career using film but evolved to digital, using a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2. She does all of her own printing on an Epson P800, skillfully combining her artistic eye and expertise in the digital realm to create unforgettable prints.  Inspired by the words of Ansel Adams “The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print is the performance,” she believes that in today’s world, a digital image is the equivalent of a negative

Her self-published book, ENCOUNTERS, contains photographs of people around the world. For more information, visit:

“Every photograph has a story.”