The Dark and Cryptic in Indiana

Constructed in the 1800s this phantom-rich house was built in the shape of a cross that faces east. That in itself is strange, but there is nothing else that is common to this house declared to be one of the “notoriously haunted properties in America.” The house sits on a crossroads and has a list of ghastly deaths that have occurred within its walls.

The home and land, located at 132 S Union Street in Cuyuga, Indiana is documented to have a strong Native American connection. There was a major battle very near where the house sits today. To add to its mystery, there are ancient burial sites around the area and two rivers converge in the tiny town. A strange book was found buried beneath the old floor that deals in Necromancy and other occult practices. Could all these factors contribute to the intensity of haunting in this property? Many believe it does!