The dark histories behind these architectural gems are as spooky as they are beautiful. 

While no one can prove that ghosts actually exist that doesn’t mean certain structures do not appear to have a nefarious look to them. What with their foreboding exteriors and ominously lit interiors, it’s no wonder some buildings appear too eerie to enter.

Join me as we tour stunning structures and discover why visitors never want to leave...even after death.

Selinda began her involvement with AFSB in 2012. In 2014 she became a member of the Board of Directors and held the position of Vice President in 2018. Selinda first became interested in architecture and its history and preservation as a child. From there, Selinda went on to take drafting classes and architectural history courses through high school and college while pursuing her degrees in Art History and English. Selinda is married to attorney, Justin Tuttle, and together they have four teenage boys, Jacob, Dominic, Benjamin and Mason. Prior to moving to Santa Barbara with her family she worked extensively in Special Education Advocacy and Law for non-profit agencies affiliated with the California State Office of Education.